A little while back I was interviewed by Audrey Camp and Lacy Mayberry of The Postmasters Podcast; the interview will go live on the 1st of September. We talked about everything from my inspiration for Amaranth, to how I got my agent, to how I juggle motherhood, a fledgling publishing imprint and this writing life.

Though the Postmasters Podcast only started up in July, there are already three episodes to listen to before mine; I’ve listened to each one so far, and I really recommend it to writers at any experience level. Audrey and Lacy are witty, informative and ask relevant and pertinent questions of their guests – the idea of listening to myself makes me cringe, but when I listened to the preview even I had to admit they made me sound interesting!

I hope you’ll all tune in to Postmasters on the 1st of September, and if you like what you hear, subscribe and listen to the previous episodes as well. You won’t regret it.

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