For some time now, I have been working closely with a small press in the UK with a view to eventually launching my own dark fiction imprint, Tenebris Books. Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan and my imprint slipped further and further into the background, never quite receiving the focus and attention it needed to get off the ground. But now, the founder of Kristell Ink, Sammy Smith, and I have decided to break away and start our own independent publishing house – Grimbold Books – under which Kristell Ink and Tenebris Books will operate as equals.

Grimbold Books Logo

With our focus set on the genres that we love, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fiction, we will be able to give our authors the attention and support they need to achieve their writing and publishing goals. And at the same time, we aim to strengthen the relationships we have with bloggers, reviewers and readers to make sure our books are on the right radars.

Since announcing the change, Tenebris Books has already received several exciting new submissions, and we hope to make some announcements about our plans for the rest of 2013 and start planning our 2014 catalogue. Dark Fiction is hot right now, especially fairy tale-based stories, which is exactly what I love, as my regular readers already know.

If you’re interested in what’s in store for Grimbold and Tenebris, head over to the Grimbold Books website where you’ll find information about where we’ve been and where we’re going. You can also follow @GrimboldBooks on Twitter, or Like the Facebook page at