North of the Sun, South of the Moon: New Voices from Norway is now available for Kindle and other ebook readers! The paperback is just around the corner, but if you can’t wait, here are the ebook links:

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Remember, all profits go to Utdanningshjelpen, a Norwegian volunteer organization helping children and young people in developing countries fulfil their educational potential.

Perhaps you’re wondering a little about the stories in the book. Hey, I understand. It’s all very well to buy a book because the proceeds go to charity, but would you actually read (and, more importantly, enjoy) the thing? Not everyone reads short stories, or poetry, or non-fiction essays. It’s hard to know what to expect. So, to help ease you into our little world, here is a hint of what you’ll find inside…

In Go North, Young Man, Brian Talgo reveals the serendipitous trail of true events that led him to Norway from the United States, and in Orientation, Audrey Camp overcomes the disorienting effects of her first two weeks in Oslo by mapping out the new city she calls home. My short story Far North, True North, presents two contrasting definitions of north for someone born far south of the equator. In Tolerance, Chelsea Ranger tells the true story of Lizhong “Frank” Li, a Chinese refugee to Norway who was imprisoned for his beliefs and tortured by his own government. Mauricio Ruiz gives us Estrellita, a short story about a desperate woman who takes advantage of the Norwegian custom of leaving babies to sleep unattended in their strollers outside cafés. Bree Switzer’s short story Maggie’s Farm is the story of a woman searching for a way to let go of her pain. We explore the rich history of Scandinavia in Turn, Turn, Turn, Anna Maria Moore’s short story inspired by her mother’s childhood in post-WWII Sweden. Going back in time a bit further, Evelinn Enoksen gives a chilling account of a band of Vikings making their way home after a battle that has almost wiped them out in Frost.

I hope this small taste has inspired you to take a look at the book. I’m so proud of all the authors, and am amazed at the combined effect these stories have when collected together in a single volume.