Nick and Darren have been together for five years, but it’s only recently that Nick has started to think about parenthood. Though he knows they are financially unable to consider surrogacy, and Darren is not interested in adoption, Nick can’t stop thinking about the idea of being a father. When his best friend has a baby, his dreams take flight and he plans a trip to South Africa to meet with an adoption agency, letting Darren believe they are just going on a safari holiday.

This story was inspired by a number of things: firstly by the African child I began sponsoring at the beginning of this year, secondly by a gay couple, friends of ours, who have just announced their second surrogate pregnancy and also by friends who have mixed feelings about parenthood. I also recalled my days working at the Equal Opportunity Commission, and some of the cases we dealt with that involved discrimination against gay people. I wanted to write a story that could be about any couple, gay or straight, that explored issues all couples face. The story serves to illustrate the challenges facing couples considering parenthood, and the emotions they can experience.

Sabra’s Fathers is complete at 3600 words.